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"The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful! I am happy to have a resource in Casper where I can buy heath products specifically catered to my needs. The product selection is unique and diverse. Highly recommend!!."


"They have multiple wonderful items in their store! Love unbound!"


"Very knowledgable and kind humans running this shop. I went in for the grand opening and they took their time educating me about the different products they carry. I also got the opportunity to speak with the chemist that produces both CBD products and supplements. I wanted to wait to write the review until I got a chance to try the product and here I am just an hour later. Popped a chewable Banana Kush tablet as I left and my pain has reduced substantially. My anxiety is gone. If you go, make sure you sign up for the rewards program because you'll be hooked. Thank you, Cece, Dana, and Silva."


"Very knowledgeable and helpful with great products!"


"Unbound from Ask Wellness has been great for me. I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when I was 8 years old. Throughout my life, I have dealt with TS on a daily basis with no real luck combating the symptoms. My Tourettes is all ticks-ranging from compulsive arm movements, facial ticks, grunting and groaning. It often leaves me with headaches and muscle soreness. I have now been taking unbound for about a month and have noticed a major difference. With the right dosage, my ticks have been minor-if at all. I haven't been having nearly the ticks and symptoms as I did before starting unbound. I highly recommend to anyone with similar medical symptoms to check out unbound and Ask Wellness!"


"If you haven't stopped by yet, you need to! I am so excited we have you and your products locally. Thanks!"


"I have three dogs- a chocolate lab (9 yrs old), black lab (9 yrs old), and golden retriever (6 yrs old). The 1st time I purchased the cbd pills were to help calm all of them over the 4th of July with the fireworks- I bought a couple pills and it really helped them so they could rest and sleep well that night. The 2nd time was due to my chocolate lab having hip pains. 3 days later (one20mg pill per day) and he was back to normal. I am happy I purchased a bottle of them because I am able to use them for any aches or pains. Thank you!"


"Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. So far, their recommendations have been excellent and are working superbly. Highly reccomend!"


"The only relief I could get for my neck problems"


"My grandma has been loving her pills I sent her. She said her back pain has gone away and she's able to bend and move more than she was before!"


"Very knowledgeable and helpful! CBD has been the best for my sleep! Shuts off your brain so you can actually get a good night sleep."


"I have had Fibromyalgia for years and I have found great relief on my unbound products! No more Lyrica :)."


"Cece is the best. She is very knowledgeable and so helpful. She listened to what I needed and Didn't make me feel pressured at all. Highly recommend!"


"We use several of the CBD tablet choices, cream and lotion daily. I have also used the Muscle Freeze. The Pinch Me Therapy Dough is great for our grandkids and they smell really good! I would highly recommend checking out the store. It's great and locally owned!"


"I have got the pre-rolls a few times and Krista is always helpful. Great prices and great products! I WILL be back!"


"So excited to find a local place that sells enviromentally friendly products! Plastic-free HiBar shampoo and conditioner is amazing; makes my hair so soft and shiny."


"Cece is so knowledgeable and I'm so thankful this community has a wellness company like this one. Can't wait to try all of the products. Thank you for helping me stay calm! Namaste!"


"True Life has been the only product to help with current thyroid issues. It has also helped my husband's chronic back pain. Best part is it works immediately. We love this product and will always come to Ask Wellness!"